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14 juin 2018 4 14 /06 /juin /2018 08:36

I’m contacting you to present you our new start-up : AIR - Art in research, the first art gallery dealing with scientific photography.

Let me explain you: the ambition of our collective of artist/gallery of art is to put forward the scientific culture through the esthetics of researchers-artists' photos. Our objective is to reveal the fascinating beauty of the scientific objects through the look of our researchers-artists and to offer an unpublished artistic experience.

So, by buying one or several of our works, you can directly contribute to fund scientific researchs and convey our artistic and philantropic vision.

To have an overview of the works which we propose, you can consult the catalog of our last exhibition: http://www.artinresearch

If our project interests you, I invite you to speak about it around you and why not to the social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Our Facebook: https: // www.facebook.com / artinresearch/

Our Instagram: https: // www.instagram.com / air_artinresearch/

Our Twitter: https: // twitter.com / Art_in_Research

Don’t hesitate to come back to me if you want more information on our project, I leave you my email adress: romane.quelard@artinresearch.com or in my phone number : 06 22 59 61 57

Looking forward to your return I wish you a very good day.

Romane Quélard
Communication manager
 -- envoyé par Romane QUELARD (romane.quelard@artinresearch.com) 
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